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How long after a broken nose is it OK to start sparring again?

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Ok, so I got my nose broken few days ago, happened while I was holding pads for my friend, he was in a southpaw stance and I didn't move the pads quickly enough in a transition between punches and a kick so when the kick hit the pads I was just moving them to catch the kick but didn't have time to brace for the impact so the edge of the pad and the impact of the kick landed on the side of my nose, definitely felt something cracking inside, it was also bleeding like crazy, but the nose still looks straight, I can breathe ok, etc...went to ER, they didn't do an xray and said that even if there is something broken they wouldn't do anything anyways since the nose looks straight and it is possible that what I felt cracking was actually just a cartilage and not the bone...I don't have any swelling so maybe it was only cartilage...the doctor said that it would probably heal up in about 2 weeks and I should avoid contact sports until then, but I have never had anything like that happen before so I am wondering, for those that have experience with nose injuries, how long was it before you could do sparring again? I think some of it for me now also a mental fear, so that aside I am curious how long it might take before it's good enough to spar again, although I think the mental fear might take longer to get over than the actual injury to heal...

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